The power of story

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In an international context this can be on how to adapt products to Danish visitors but not necessarily.


The power of story

My MA was about what happens when interpreters meet the visitors doing ‘living history’. What is actually going on in the moment of communication. The answer was a quite simple one: In talking to the interpreter and each other the visitors ‘write’ themselves into history – their own story and History with capital H. But that doesn’t necessarily need a living history setting.

Telling stories is important. Stories tell us who we are. How we came to be. How the world works. How we fit into the bigger picture. We tell stories all the time. We remember through stories. We share through stories. We understand through stories.

Context is king

As has been proven before, visitors – as do all people – try to understand in the context of their own experiences. What you need to do is facilitate that. Initiate that conversation. Provide the inspiration for visitors to connect you to their own experiences – their own stories.

You might have exhibitions with interesting stuff and labels telling what it is. But maybe not much more. Changing an exhibition is expensive and often not really possible. What you can do, however, is change what you do with it. Provide leads, stories, connectedness.

This can include making stories that link the items with each other, with the wider world – not least to where visitors might come from – and not just geographically. It might include making copies of items to sell and with a story to go with it, that can be woven into the stories told by the visitors.

I remember

If you can make your visitors go ‘ooh yes, that’s just like…’ or ‘I remember…’ or ‘I saw one…’ you’ve come a long way. If they can make something to bring home – even better. Or to take home and do the making later. Either way there is a story to be told – or perhaps many. All of them unique. All of them personal. All of them to be retold. But you must provide the opening chapter.


My name is Freya Anduin and I have worked with museums, as a newspaper editor and I write books. I know my way around narrativium and I know how to make people tell stories.


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