It has to be unique and authentic – your visitor’s demands are high and getting higher.

Experiences can be many things regardles of it’s something your guests can do on their own or if guides or helpers are needed. Mostly what people want is to get involved and get their hands dirty.

Experiences can be made anywhere – in nature, at businesses, in museums, in farmsteads, in cities… anywhere you get curious. Mostly this curiosity lacks a handle – somewhere to start, something to do, some way to get involved, something to tell a story – make the guests share the story and make it their own. Often it doesn’t take much to turn looking at something into doing something.


Use the narrativium

There is always something special, something to build on in telling a story.  A story to contain smaller stories and most of all initiate the guests’ own story encompassing yours. They are already talking, already sharing – share your story so they can be entwined in other stories told by your visitors.